Fighter Jet and Sound Technology coming at ya

F15 Eagle with no windshield Wipers

F15 Eagle with no windshield WipersThe next coolest two things I have learned about in the three days of 2014 is that scientists in Tokyo have been able to levitate physical objects in the air and manipulate their movement by simply using sound waves. A Youtube video shows the proof of concept and is rather cool. These soundwaves are outside the human hearing range, so it effectively works without sound. Watch it here!

The second thing I have learned is that high end automotive manufacturer Mclaren is going to ditch windshield wipers on all of their cars and introduce the technology used to keep fighter jet canopies free from water, bugs, ice and other things. Using an ultrasonic transducer in the corner of the windshield will effectively repel water, bugs and other things from hitting your windshield, keeping it pretty much clear for good. How long before the rest of the automotive industry jumps on that technology? You can read all about this on the UK Daily Mail.

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