Adult FriendFinder Hacked!

Adult Friend Finder hacked

Adult Friend Finder hackedAdult FriendFinder was hacked just a couple of days ago. More than 15 million user’s information was stolen, with 3.9M leaked onto the internet already. Names, email addresses, zip codes, sexual preferences and much more was included in the leak. Within hours, users were reporting a huge increase in spam and virus emails coming to them. Hackers on the forum were openly announcing they were targeting all of these people with email to attempt to gain access to computers and accounts. Many hackers also openly reported they were going to crawl through the information to look for more identifying information to blackmail users with their spouses regarding affairs they’ve had. So while hacking for information isn’t new these days, targeting a site so that they could get blackmail information to raise more money is certainly a novel idea. While this story is just getting started, I’m sure more juicy information will come out in the coming days and weeks. Channel 4 out of London, UK broke the story. Read about it here.

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