Adware spreading via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Chat MalwareBe careful clicking links coming from within Facebook Messenger. Regardless of if you’re using Mac, Linux or Windows, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE, they are all susceptible in some manner. What looks like an innocent video is actually a redirected Google Docs video, that is downloading what looks like a Chrome extension for Google users or a Flash update for Firefox and IE users. This download is still be researched to see what the hidden payload is and so far is not fully determined. It does appear at the very least to be stealing Facebook credentials, but could be something worse.

The Google Docs video is actually on a page that has been created to look like it is a part of YouTube. So always be aware of what links you are clicking on before clicking them. If you are not sure, make sure to put your mouse over the links BEFORE clicking them and looking at your bottom window of your browser for the details of the link. Kaspersky researchers were the first to spot this gem, so take care of what you click!

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