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Aereo streaming TV

Aereo streaming TVHave you ever heard of Aereo? If not, you will be soon. The company that two years ago launced its service and quite possibly the biggest challenge to the public/private demonstration ruling from the 70’s now sits in the hands of the US Supreme Court. Aereo provides live streaming of your local over the air network channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Bloomberg TV, PBS, The CW, PBS Kids and a few others.

What really sets this service apart is that for $8 a month (after a first month of free service) you can even use their cloud based DVR to record your favorite shows and watch them later, if you didn’t want to watch them live. For $12 per month, you can watch one show and record the other at the same time, or record 2 shows. So if you take all this info into consideration and compare your cable/satellite bill, let’s look at some interesting numbers. If you like cable TV, Aereo doesn’t include those channels. So if you subscribe to Hulu Plus, you’re able to see your favorite cable shows for $8 a month. You pay for Aereo for $12 a month and you’re at $20 a month to watch almost everything you’d like. Hulu needs no DVR because it’s already recorded for you.

If you’re into movies, of course you can add Netflix for another $8 a month and end up at $28 per month. You’ll still have your Internet bill to pay in order to stream this stuff. So if you pay $50 a month for some high speed Internet and then $28 a month for the “TV” part, you’re at $78 a month. How does that compare to your current cable/Internet bill that you get now? Of course the $50 is a variable number, depending on how much you pay for service.

Expecting that as soon as this Wednesday we might see the final ruling from the April 2014 appearance in front of the Supremem Court, this service may finally be out from under the umbrella of uncertainty if its service can survive. If it does, there isn’t much reason to NOT subscribe, unless you don’t like saving money or if the technology seems to confuse you. You’re able to use Google’s ChromeCast, Roku, AppleTV and soon-to-be-coming services for Xbox and Playstation platforms, as well as your smart phone and tablets already.

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