AT&T Customer Data Accessed

AT&T Mobility

AT&T MobilityAccording to the California Department of Justice, AT&T Mobility has reported a breach of customer data. Although AT&T didn’t release the number of how many customers were affected, the California DOJ requires companies to report the data breach of more than 500 people. The report states that employees of a third party inappropriately accessed data regarding customer accounts during the time period of April 9-21, 2014. They were supposedly seeking the information to request unlock codes for wireless phones. During the time, though, those same employees could have viewed customer SSN and date of birth information, according to the report sent to the CDOJ that you can view here. If you’re an AT&T customer, they are offering one year of free credit monitoring. You may contact AT&T for more information and they indicated that law enforcement has been notified and is pursuing an investigation.

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