Best Antivirus? Might be Suprised

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So which antivirus is right for you to use? Some folks like lots of options, some like ease of use. Some need it to scan very fast and others need it to just scan whenever. One thing you can’t forget is that no one product will do all the work and do it perfectly. You’ll always want that second opinion, but we’ll talk about that in a moment. There is a website called AV-Test that independently tests antivirus software to give you an unbiased report on how things work. What might surprise you are the top two AV products available are FREE. Yes you read that correctly, the best two antivirus products tested are free to anyone that wants to use them (for personal, not commercial).

So who are these antivirus products? They are AVG and Avast free versions. By their posted results, the two products were very close in their capabilities. The one criteriamalware, virus, best, window that separated the two products was performance. This metric measures how much running the antivirus product affects the performance of your computer in seconds. The average is 5 seconds for most products. Avast scored a 6 second performance, while AVG scored a 3 second performance rating. Other than that, the two products performed very closely with the same amount of features. Keep in mind, this test was conducted against the paid and big named software in the antivirus industry, and these two came out on top.

So I also mentioned the “second opinion” previously and you always need to consider that antivirus, and anti-malware work hand in hand, but don’t always do the exact same job. One of the best anti-malware programs anywhere is the very well known and very popular Malwarebytes. I know many industry professionals who keep that little gem handy on a thumb drive to help out in a pinch.

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