Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining

Bitcoin and Cloud mining

Bitcoin and Cloud miningThere are a number of ways you can mine Bitcoin and Litecoin. You can buy your own hardware and run your mining from home or business. You can also buy virtual miners from one of the many online locations offering this service. However, you have to be careful. Some of those services are scams themselves for your Bitcoin and others are just resellers for the bigger companies. There is also a new service that will be offered to basically fund your Bitcoin venture called BTCLEND that you’ll want to investigate (you can follow them on Twitter now @btclend ) or their upcoming website

If you want to know at least 2 players in the industry you can trust to get started with a minimal investment and work your way up, you can check out GAW Miners or Bitcoin Cloud Services and start mining today with either company. In most cases, you can expect to have an ROI of 4-5 months then profitability from that point forward in most cases (or at least with most cases with these two vendors). As mentioned, keep an eye on BTC LEND, as they’ll be changing the face of the Cybercurrency world!

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