Bleeding wound care on the trail

As many will tell you, a good survivalist has trained in first aid, minor trauma and wound care. Some of the most trouble you can get into while in the bush is trauma that causes bleeding. There are several methods to controlling bleeding (pressure, packing the wound, etc) but what if these methods don’t work and you need a little something more? During the last 15 years because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, products to quickly stop some pretty major bleeding have been developed and is available on the civilian market. Two major products are Celox and Quit Clot. However, these products aren’t necessarily competitors. As you’ll see in the first video below, they both have their uses and benefits, and it’s not a bad idea to include both in your first aid kit.

The second video is how to use the Celox granules, and the third video shows you how to use the Quick Clot materials. Be advised, if you’re not into seeing the blood, the videos may not be for you.

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