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Blink for home, Dave the IT guy, Cincinnati, tech, review

Blink for home, Dave the IT guy, Cincinnati, tech, review

——–Update 1/21/16: After receiving my 5 camera system and setting it up, I ran into a couple of issues. One, some of the cameras displayed a green screen (like night vision mode). Sent an email to support at Blink and they pushed an update to my camera’s hub (the controller) that in turn pushed the update to the cameras. That seemed to fix the screen issue pretty quickly. I have one other issue with the live view mode. I have a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 running Android 5.1.1, and with so many versions of Android out there, I’m OK that an issue based on OS version is there. They were quick to respond to me with additional questions to send to their developers to try and get a fix pushed out as quickly as possible. The other aspects of the system seems to work pretty well. We’ve had fun watching what our dogs do when we’re gone, and caught our 9 yr old climbing on something she shouldn’t be climbing. Once the live view works, I think we’ll enjoy the system. However, there is one thing that I am concerned with. Before I post publicly, I have asked these questions to their people. Once I have an answer there (to be fair, I might be overreacting) I’ll post what my concerns were and their response. Stay tuned for further updates————

——— Update 1/14/16: I wrote this article yesterday. I notified Blink via Facebook and Twitter that the article was online. Today, an update for the app was pushed out, and at this moment the app is stable and seems to be working. However, since I don’t have my cameras yet, I can only speak to that change. At the very least, I applaud Blink for working through their app issues quickly. ———————-

A new security camera system is currently shipping it’s pre-orders through January. What makes this system unique is that it is completely wire free. The cameras run on batteries and are night vision capable. They connect to your wireless system, through a hub, and upload to cloud storage (free for the cloud storage, unlike other companies). You can also live view the cameras. Each video is up to 10 seconds in length, and a store to USB drive feature is coming soon to the equipment. Pricing is outstanding, comparing to other systems (only one competitor offers totally wire free cameras and they cost significantly more). However, there have been some issues that I’m not happy about. To be clear, I do not yet have my cameras in hand, I learned today they were shipped on Monday and a tracking number was sent to me.

My current issues:

On their site, they claim they do not charge your credit card until your order is ready to ship. I found that not to be the case, my card was charged about 11 days ago, for cameras just shipped.

Second, their “awesome customer support” takes 2-3 business days to email back, with no apparent phone number you can call for support. I downloaded the app you use to set the system up to get a feel for it, and as soon as I touch the app, it instantly crashes on an new Motorola Droid 2 Turbo.

To top it off, the shipping was from California to Ohio, and has a 10 day transit time according to the Fedex site. Must be on one of those donkey carts or something. Now, I haven’t seen it personally, but after my issues and some reading, I have found that the live view feature is still in “beta” mode, and when people view the cameras live, they see the video in “green” which is the night vision mode, even in the daytime. Sure that can be fixed, but they’ve been so long in pre-order, how is it not fixed yet?

I emailed them before indicating I was going to write a review, I bought my system full price as anyone else, so my review would not be tainted. Frankly, if my app keeps crashing, I can’t even set my system up when it finally does arrive. I notified them today, I’d request an immediate refund without opening the boxes if my app is still crashing. They have 7 more days to get the app right. I actually really wanted this to be a great thing for my home and family. Once I get everything, if it’s awesome, I’ll certainly write an update to this to let you know it is/is not worth the deal. However, at the moment, I find myself wishing I went for the bit more expensive competitor.

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