Your Car Hacked Easily and Black Boxes

Your car can be hacked easily

Your car can be hacked easilyI received an email from a family member (thanks Dorothy!) telling me about black boxes in cars (which isn’t too new of news) and how they are about to become mandated in the US in 2015 on all cars. The EDR (Event Data Recorder) records information about forward motion, speed, acceleration, braking, air bag deployment and in some cars with sensors in the seats, could even tell law enforcement if someone was in the seat, got up/out and then another person sat in the seat (to discourage the lie of “I wasn’t driving”). See this article referencing Detective Dave Wells from the King County Sheriff’s office in Washington.

The law currently says the car’s owner has full ownership of the data, but a hand little court order will relieve you of your privacy relatively quickly in the event you are in an accident that bears investigation or scrutiny. You can read more info on this piece of info right here.

Want to see the data your car can provide, and hack the car yourself? It’s possible and doesn’t take too much time or money to get there. Using a standard ODB-II cable, some readily available software and you’re in to see things like real time diagnostic data, freeze time data, service codes and clearing trouble codes yourself. You can get
all the info you need to be successful right here. 

Lastly is the part I like the most. If you’ve never thought about having your car hacked, you’ve been living the life of the uninformed, until now. Sure, Bluetooth hacking of cars has been around for quite some time. However. take a look at this article demonstrating how a car was taken over to the point of false data being shown (speed,
how much fuel you appear to have), turning the steering wheel, applying brakes, honking horns and more. All of this done to a reporter’s Prius and a video showing the hack and pictures along with it. Just another reason to watch out for the valet!

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