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Breaches, Compromises and You

Breaches of data are coming at the rate of almost 1 reported breach (and how many unreported breaches??) per day. With so many major data sources being breached more than 3 Billion people have been affected. That’s more than the

CIA Vault 7 Newest Leaks

Today Wikileaks released the newest Vault 7 release of information regarding the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA’s Office of Technical Service (OTS) is the group responsible for supplying CIA operatives with tech gadgets, spy items like secret recording

Petya isn’t about your dog

Petya is a Ransomware variant that as of the writing of this post, is currently hitting the European continent. Russian energy giant Rosneft, US Pharmaceutical giant Merck and the largest shipping container company in the world Maersk is currently being

Phishing – Spear Phishing – Whaling

Spearphishing Campaign

There are several terms that indicate an attempt by a hacker to trick you into giving your login credentials to them. The terms phishing, spearphishing and whaling are all related to the attempt to trick you via a fake email.

VPN and why it’s the best money you will spend this year

So you hit the coffee houses, airports, hotels and your favorite lunch spots with your laptop, cell phone or tablet to get some work done or just surf the web? Do you login to your email? How about checking on

Hack The Plane

Well, as usual, the government is far behind in acknowledging what many of us already knew (those of us in the hacking/security field). When you marry Wifi and other public connectivity with internal systems, hacking is always a possibility. I

Completely free IT Training and it’s worth it

Cybrary IT

If you’re looking to take some training in the IT field and not sure if you like what it is, or even know what part of IT you’re interested in, then you’ve found the right posting. If you’ve never hear

Ransomware – What you need to know

Ransomware Warning SIgns

So what is ransomware? It is when your computer gets compromised by an evil piece of software that detects files and encrypts them with an almost impossible way to recover your data. Why “almost impossible” you ask? Well, you could

Free SSL Encryption is coming!

Let's Encrypt!

In the summer of 2015 free SSL website encryption is coming and its name is Let’s Encrypt!. Right now, depending on how many sites or servers you run, encrypting your site can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Cisco,

Dark Hotel – What you need to know

Dark Hotel Attack

Maybe you’ve heard of the Asian region upscale hotel attacks on computers that has been dubbed “Darkhotel” and maybe you haven’t. Take a few moments to read this, and even follow the links in this article to other sources and

Listen Live on 700 WLW

700 WLW

Listen live to the Scott Sloan show on 700 WLW @ 930 AM on Wednesday 11.12.14 as we talk about targeted hacks of CEOs and others who travel around the world using free WiFi in upscale hotels. If you’ve ever

Save yourself from Cryptolocker for free – Maybe

FireEye and FOX IT

So you got your computer locked by Cryptolocker, eh? Didn’t backup your data recently and now you’re just out of luck or you’re going to pay the ransom? Well before you wipe that drive clean and start over, or before

AT&T Customer Data Accessed

AT&T Mobility

According to the California Department of Justice, AT&T Mobility has reported a breach of customer data. Although AT&T didn’t release the number of how many customers were affected, the California DOJ requires companies to report the data breach of more

GnuTLS has a flaw – Fix already available

 For those of you who use GnuTLS, which is the open source SSL/TLS crypto library, this information is for you. A bug (CVE-2014-3466) was discovered by Joonas Kuorilehto of security firm Codenomiconthat proves that the method used to parse the

iHacked – iPhones, iPads and Macs ransom attack

iHack- Apple devices hacked

Being dubbed by me as iHacked, the first major attack against the entire IOS platform revealed itself today in Australia. Many people were woken up early Tuesday morning by their devices making a notification sound and once checked they found an ominous message

More NSA Transgressions Released

No Place to Hide

Glenn Greenwald has released a book entitled “No Place to Hide” which outlines much of what Eric Snowden has so far made public to the world, but quite a bit that has not yet seen the public eye. Some of the

iPhone Email Flaw – Major Bug

iPhone Bug found

Andreas Kurtz from NES0 Security Labs found and documented a bug in the iOS platform on almost every iPhone and Tablet that in fact leaves your email unencryped and available to anyone that picks up your phone or tablet, even

OpenStack – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

OpenStack IaaS

OpenStack is open source software to build public and private clouds. This free (yes free) software to build your cloud is supported by thousands of developers worldwide. There are events around the globe to introduce you to this software, Yahoo

Android, Cisco and Juniper – Heartbleed affects them all

The Heartbleed bug, widely talked about in the last year, was quietly acknowledged by all three tech giants that many of their products are susceptible to this vulnerability. Google’s announcement is here,  while Google themselves exposed that the flaw also

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Office of the National Intelligence Director

United States President Barack Obama put into place a National Security Director that the heads of all U.S. Intelligence agencies report. That agency also has a Tumblr page that has official statements, declassified documents, postings and statements from agencies such

OpenSSL- Opening your door to data thieves

Heart Bleed, OpenSSL, Encryption, Flaw

So OpenSSL for two years was an open door to your data. Sure, there wasn’t just the obvious “here’s the data” sign for folks to see, but for those looking for exploits that no one else was (which is why

Kali Linux Nuke Option

Kali Linux 1.0.6 Nuke

Kali Linux distributors Offensive Security have put together full disk encryption options for those who take their privacy seriously. However, what if you are going through an airport, foreign country or some other scenario where your laptop is seized by

Prison Locker Ransomware – 2014

Prison Locker Ransomware

Previously I’ve written about Ransomware and how real the devastating effects can be for someone who hasn’t kept their data backed up and their machines as secure as possible with security updates, antivirus and antimalware programs. Of course, also knowing how the

Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon all failed this hack

Sam Bowne, Ethical Hacker, instructor, Security, Researcher

The method of hack is called a cookie re-use flaw and Certified Ethical Hacker instructor Sam Bowne has put quite of bit of time and effort into researching this hack that almost anyone can do (and I’m going to show you

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