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CIA Vault 7 Newest Leaks

Today Wikileaks released the newest Vault 7 release of information regarding the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA’s Office of Technical Service (OTS) is the group responsible for supplying CIA operatives with tech gadgets, spy items like secret recording

US Navy Ships crashing – are they being hacked?

The USS John McCain Guided Missle Destroyer recently ran into a commercial ship causing damage and more importantly, loss of life. How does a US Navy ship that has advanced computer systems, hundreds of crew members simply run into another

Donald Trump – Hacking – Russians

OK, so this might be a little rough on the edges, but man I’m just appalled at the sheer amount of stupid coming out of people’s mouths that are supposed to be smart people. So here I go! If you

Donald Trump and Hacking

Donald Trump Hacker Challenge Tweet

Just to be transparent: I did not vote for, nor support in any manner, Donald Trump for President during his campaign. However, he was elected, I am an American and I support him in his endeavor to help move our

Electronic Surveillance Bill set to expire – but there is more

The so called “Patriot Act” provision that gave the spy agencies the post 9-11 powers to spy on all of us  (known as Section 215) that Eric Snowden exposed is set to expire in about 45 days. Both the NSA

Hack The Plane

Well, as usual, the government is far behind in acknowledging what many of us already knew (those of us in the hacking/security field). When you marry Wifi and other public connectivity with internal systems, hacking is always a possibility. I

Dark Hotel – What you need to know

Dark Hotel Attack

Maybe you’ve heard of the Asian region upscale hotel attacks on computers that has been dubbed “Darkhotel” and maybe you haven’t. Take a few moments to read this, and even follow the links in this article to other sources and

USPS Hacked – by the Chinese

USPS Hacked

It appears that back in September in a secret meeting, the USPS disclosed they were hacked, and that information regarding around 800,000 employees may have been compromised by suspected Chinese hackers. This isn’t the first time the Chinese have been

Fake Cell Towers – Who do they belong to?

Fake Cell Towers

Foreword: The links in the article below do not go to some random conspiracy theorist websites, or authors of dubious background. They go to places like Yahoo Business, ARS Technical, Popular Science, ESD (one of the premier private security companies

Using the Cloud to make money – legally?

Legal Bots in the cloud

Millions of people worldwide use free accounts in the cloud in some way. Data storage, email, team collaboration, website hosting, music hosting and a myriad of other reasons. In the world of hackers and data thieves most of us have heard of

Hello, meet Aereo

Aereo streaming TV

Have you ever heard of Aereo? If not, you will be soon. The company that two years ago launced its service and quite possibly the biggest challenge to the public/private demonstration ruling from the 70’s now sits in the hands of the

Vodaphone acknowledges access to its data

Vodaphone data is monitored worldwide

Vodaphone has done something no one expected. As the second largest mobile phone provider in the world, this information is huge. Vodaphone has acknowledged that countries and their intelligence services have had access directly into their data centers now for

Big Data – You exposed

Palantir Big Data and You

If you think just the NSA, CIA, MI5 and other big government agencies around the world are combining data on you, then you have been living in a cave. Over the past few years companies like Palantir have been developing

Public utility hack repelled by US Dept of Homeland Security

A public utility was hacked

It was revealed yesterday that a US Public utility was breached and the internal network running the utilitie’s infrastructure was indeed under attack. The US Government’s Department of Homeland Security stepped in to help repel the attack and to identify

US Government to Charge Chinese with Espionage

Chinese Military Officials charged with espionage

Today, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced the US is charging the Chinese government, and specifically Chinese Military Officials, with economic espionage. few details are out just yet, but here is a link to Time’s report, and the bigger article

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