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Dave The IT Guy is changing!

I have joined forces with friend and fellow security professional Jason for an all new radio show called Bring Your Own Security! We’ll be live in Jan 2018, and you can follow us on Twitter @byosradio for updates as to

Breaches, Compromises and You

Breaches of data are coming at the rate of almost 1 reported breach (and how many unreported breaches??) per day. With so many major data sources being breached more than 3 Billion people have been affected. That’s more than the

Popular Program CCleaner Compromised – 20 Million users affected

Cisco’s Talos researchers discovered that the official site that distributes the popular CCleaner tool was compromised between Aug 15th and September 12th of 2017. During this time, a version of CCleaner was uploaded that had Malware designed to install other

Special Podcast Edition – Jason Haddix

Take time to take a listen as we interviewed BugCrowd’s Jason Haddix. As their head of Trust and Security, and their #1 ranked researcher for 2014/2015, Jason certainly knows his way around bug bounties, pen testing and security. If you’ve ever

CIA Vault 7 Newest Leaks

Today Wikileaks released the newest Vault 7 release of information regarding the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA’s Office of Technical Service (OTS) is the group responsible for supplying CIA operatives with tech gadgets, spy items like secret recording

US Navy Ships crashing – are they being hacked?

The USS John McCain Guided Missle Destroyer recently ran into a commercial ship causing damage and more importantly, loss of life. How does a US Navy ship that has advanced computer systems, hundreds of crew members simply run into another

Petya isn’t about your dog

Petya is a Ransomware variant that as of the writing of this post, is currently hitting the European continent. Russian energy giant Rosneft, US Pharmaceutical giant Merck and the largest shipping container company in the world Maersk is currently being

Podcast and live broadcasting!

You’ve heard me on IHeartMedia stations around the United States for the last 3 years for random tech and security topics. Now, tune in live and be able to join me in discussion on many tech topics. We’ll have scheduled

Review – NordVPN – Updated June 2017

Update June 2 2017- You can follow this link to see how to sign up, download and start using NordVpn on any of your devices (Cell, Laptop, Tablet, Desktop) in under 4 minutes. Well worth watching and if you don’t

Phishing – Spear Phishing – Whaling

Spearphishing Campaign

There are several terms that indicate an attempt by a hacker to trick you into giving your login credentials to them. The terms phishing, spearphishing and whaling are all related to the attempt to trick you via a fake email.

Donald Trump – Hacking – Russians

OK, so this might be a little rough on the edges, but man I’m just appalled at the sheer amount of stupid coming out of people’s mouths that are supposed to be smart people. So here I go! If you

Donald Trump and Hacking

Donald Trump Hacker Challenge Tweet

Just to be transparent: I did not vote for, nor support in any manner, Donald Trump for President during his campaign. However, he was elected, I am an American and I support him in his endeavor to help move our

Do servers really matter?

There has been quite a bit of talk this election cycle about Clinton’s email server. Sure it had classified info on it, regardless of what Clinton says. However, is it really that important? Outside of the tech people who really

Scarefest is coming!

Join me and thousands of others at this year’s Scarefest event in Lexington, Ky. September 30th to October 2nd at the Lexington’s Convention Center. If you’ve never attended before, and you are a horror or paranormal fan, this is THE

Podcast available Interview with Rocky Boiman

Rocky Boiman Podcast

Credit Card Skimmers

Credit card skimmers are a real thing, right here in the USA. Where can you find them? ATM machines, gas pumps, anywhere that an unattended credit card can be used. What do these skimmers do? They are a piece designed

Largest iPhone Hack ever!

Largest iPhone hack ever

Two days ago it was announced that the largest iPhone hack ever had occurred. This hack targeted a very specific segment of iPhone users, those with “jailbroken” phones. What that means is that someone modified the operating system to gain

Corvettes Hacked- sort of

You know those little thingies you plug into your car’s OBD2 port for your insurance company to track your driving habits and giving you better rates? Well, researchers out of California have hacked a Corvette’s braking system by simply sending

Your car and garage hacked

We’ve talked about car hacks in the past, and now we’re talking how easy it is to break into almost every car made, and even Viper and Cobra alarm and remote systems. This isn’t new, more or less. People have

Another MAC Vulnerability

Still thinking your MAC is just safer than Windows? Are you not aware that hackers are now spending more time targeting Apple and their devices? Well you better be, because it is happening and this is just the next in

The Hacker Search Engine – Shodan

Shodan, the hacker search engine

So you’re curious about “things attached to the Internet” or otherwise known as the IOT (Internet of Things), but you don’t know how to find them. You can find cameras, refrigerators, routers, servers, nanny cams, exploits and just about anything

Hackers hit United Airlines

Data has been stolen on millions of travelers. Not only personal information, but the travel patterns that could be used for kidnappings, blackmail, robbery of empty homes and so many other sinister uses.  Chinese government hackers are suspected, the exact

VPN and why it’s the best money you will spend this year

So you hit the coffee houses, airports, hotels and your favorite lunch spots with your laptop, cell phone or tablet to get some work done or just surf the web? Do you login to your email? How about checking on

Adult FriendFinder Hacked!

Adult Friend Finder hacked

Adult FriendFinder was hacked just a couple of days ago. More than 15 million user’s information was stolen, with 3.9M leaked onto the internet already. Names, email addresses, zip codes, sexual preferences and much more was included in the leak.

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