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Completely free IT Training and it’s worth it

Cybrary IT

If you’re looking to take some training in the IT field and not sure if you like what it is, or even know what part of IT you’re interested in, then you’ve found the right posting. If you’ve never hear

Shellshock and the Bash Linux vulnerability

Bash-Shellshock Vunerability

I almost wrote this post two days ago, but chose not to. Why? Because everyone was rushing to patch the critical vulnerability identified, but they were not addressing the root issue, which was still the most critical vulnerability. As an

IT Certifications -What’s good & what to avoid

IT industry Certifications

Certifications in the IT field have been a hot topic of debate for years as to their real value. Many without certifications argue that they have the skill and can prove it with their work, and do not need a piece of

GnuTLS has a flaw – Fix already available

 For those of you who use GnuTLS, which is the open source SSL/TLS crypto library, this information is for you. A bug (CVE-2014-3466) was discovered by Joonas Kuorilehto of security firm Codenomiconthat proves that the method used to parse the

Linux flaw allows hackers

So most everyone thinks only Windows systems are the target of hackers. Well quietly, hackers have been coming after your Linux based systems, and not even leaving a footprint. So you didn’t even know your system was vulnerable, or has even

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