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Free SNMP Email Course and much more

The Paessler Group is offering a free email course on what SNMP is and how to use it for monitoring of your network. This course comes to your inbox on a weekly basis for 5 weeks from the time you

Windows 10 Podcast

Windows 10 is coming. You can’t stop it, and eventually if you own a Windows computer, you will have Win10. So before you get all twisted and out of control over it, take the 12 mins to listen to this

Best Windows 10 hidden features

Windows 10 best hidden features

Windows 10 became publicly available last week.  There have been several questions, comments and concerns about how good Win10 will be. Many want to know if it’s worth upgrading, etc. Well, there are some great features in Windows 10 that

Ransomware – What you need to know

Ransomware Warning SIgns

So what is ransomware? It is when your computer gets compromised by an evil piece of software that detects files and encrypts them with an almost impossible way to recover your data. Why “almost impossible” you ask? Well, you could

Google calls out Microsoft Security

Google Project Zero

Google has a program called Project Zero that is effectively an elite group of hackers with the sole mission to test, hack and crack everything publicly available on the Internet. These include Google’s own products like Chrome, Google Drive, etc. They

Shellshock and the Bash Linux vulnerability

Bash-Shellshock Vunerability

I almost wrote this post two days ago, but chose not to. Why? Because everyone was rushing to patch the critical vulnerability identified, but they were not addressing the root issue, which was still the most critical vulnerability. As an

IT Certifications -What’s good & what to avoid

IT industry Certifications

Certifications in the IT field have been a hot topic of debate for years as to their real value. Many without certifications argue that they have the skill and can prove it with their work, and do not need a piece of

Internet Explorer Critical Update – June 10th

Internet Explorer

Microsoft has announced their June 2014 patch Tuesday (June 10th) will include two items marked as critical and five others as important in severity. The one item considered the most urgent of all for everyone to patch (everyone except XP

Can you still update XP? Maybe..


There are several versions of  Windows XP with the most common of course the consumer or business version. There are also versions for retail POS (Point of Sale) systems, banking ATMS, embedded XP for thin clients to connect to remote

New Weekly Technology Radio Show

Certified Ethical Hacker

Starting on Thursday night (May 5/15) at 10pm Eastern, you will be able to tune into online radio and listen live to me talking about all things technology. Many of the things I’ve blogged about here will be featured as

Free Microsoft Labs you didn’t know about

Microsoft TechNet Virtual Labs

Unless you are a  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) of some level ( I currently hold the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert 2012 Certification), you might not know that Microsoft has hundreds of hours of free, online lab training where you can

IE Patch Released – Download Now

Internet Explorer flaw

The widely reported bug that allowed all versions of Internet Explorer to be hacked now has a patch available from Microsoft. In a change to policy, this update is also available to XP users, which previously were expected to get

Adobe Releases Patch for IE Flaw

Adobe Flash IE Flaw

The fatal flaw announced on Saturday by Microsoft that affects their browsers is partly based on Adobe Flash Code. Adobe released on Monday a fix to this flaw, but be cautioned this is only part of the battle. You will

The First Post-XP exploit is here

Internet Explorer flaw

The first exploit that doesn’t just target XP, but every known version of Internet Explorer is now running rampant on the Internet. What makes this issue critical is that although Microsoft will quickly release a patch to cover this, anyone

Server 2012 R2- Free download and Training

Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Preview Release

Server 2012 R2 is now available for free,  general download. This is the evaluation version and should NOT be put into a production environment. You also have access to free Server 2012 R2 Virtual Labs to test things without having

Windows 8 Survival Guide

Guide to Windows 8 tweaks

While I could have taken the time to write one of these guides, the simple fact is Kyle Wagner over at Gizmodo wrote this really good one, so I’ll give him his credit and then make it easy for you

Forgot your Windows Password?

windows password reset tool

It happens to many of us. We just forget what we used to log in to our windows machine. Maybe you changed your password recently and just don’t remember. No worries, there are methods to get your password back. First,

Best Antivirus? Might be Suprised

malware, virus, best, window

So which antivirus is right for you to use? Some folks like lots of options, some like ease of use. Some need it to scan very fast and others need it to just scan whenever. One thing you can’t forget

Office 365 or Google Apps?

Google Apps vs Office365

If you’re looking at buying some version of Office or using Google Apps, let’s take a few moments to talk about the differences. Let’s start by talking about how close both of these services are in pricing and capabilities. It

Wireless for your small to large business – What you should know about WPA2

wifi, hacking Cracking, WPA, WPA2, Radius, NPS

There are several methods to crack even the most audacious WPA/WPA2 wireless passwords. So what do we do now? Well it is time for you and your IT team to look at 2 method authentication. What does that mean? You

XBOX One compatibility hack to play XBOX 360 Games – FAKE

The XBOX One compatibility hack for 360 games is a fake. Don't do it.

There are postings, rumors and hype about a newly discovered “hack” or development kit allowing you to get your XBOX One to play 360 console games. No matter what you read or who you heard it from, this is a

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