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New podcast coming soon!

So the Dave The IT Guy podcast will be changing starting next week! Dave has partnered with another CISSP (Dave just passed his CISSP test this past Monday and is awaiting final awarding of the designation) how is named Jason

BlackHat – The Final Review

BlackHat 2017 was one for the record books. Record attendance by the media, record attendance by security researchers from more than 80 countries around the world, and record attendance by the vendors from the security sector. I even spoke to

Podcast Episode 3- Do You Need Antivirus?

Do you really need antivirus software on your computer these days? With all the new malware tools, security tools, is antivirus a 90’s dinosaur? What about tablets and cell phones? If you decide you really need it, are the free

Talking Survival on 700 WLW

700 WLW, Rocky Boiman, Dave The IT Guy, Survival, Technology, Hacker, Hacking, Tech, Television, Fat Guys in the Woods, Cincinnati

Join me with Rocky Boiman on 700 WLW Thursday night 8/25 at 10 PM Eastern. 700 is heard over the air on 700 AM radio in 38 states as one of the largest radio stations in the United States. You

Podcast Episode Jan 14, 2016 – Cryptolocker/Cryptowall

Click here to listen to the latest podcast about the Cryptowall virus that encrypts your data for a ransom!  

SHTF Radio Frequencies

One of the often overlooked skills when it comes to survival or prepping is the ability to communicate long after cell phones no longer work. Recently, in Katrina and the NY area hurricanes, and of course during 9/11, the cell

Toledo – Come join me!

1370 WSPD

Today at 5:35 EST join me on Toledo’s 1370 WSPD on the Scott Sands Show talking about hacking and websites that are open to hacks. This is my first day in the Toledo market as a tech commentator. We’ll be talking

Airplane Wifi Hacks and other news

Airplane Wifi Hack

IOActive security expert Ruben Santamarta has said he has devised a way to hack airline wifi, at least in a controlled environment. Although he has tried to downplay this acknowledgement, his presentation at the 2014 Black Hat Conference was the most widely exposed

Easiest cars to hack? The losers are..

Hack your Car

Some time ago, I wrote a brief article about hackers being able to take control of your car while you were driving. Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek had shown how a Prius could be hacked from within a car,

Live radio tonight at 10pm

Mixlr Radio

Tonight I’m live on Mixlr to talk about the recent hacks of Ebay, Miss Teen USA’s hack of her personal computer and how these things could happen and what you can do at home and at your business to better

Today’s podcast on hacking and RATs

700 WLW

Today’s episode on Scott Sloan’s show on 700 WLW talks about being hacked, the recent Miss Teen USA hack and the software used to gain the access for over a year. My part starts about 17:45 into the segment.

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