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Largest iPhone Hack ever!

Largest iPhone hack ever

Two days ago it was announced that the largest iPhone hack ever had occurred. This hack targeted a very specific segment of iPhone users, those with “jailbroken” phones. What that means is that someone modified the operating system to gain


Karma Go

We all have data plans on our smartphones (those of us with smartphones anyway) but do you find yourself not using the data each month but keep paying for it? Sure AT&T now has the rollover data, but that’s only for

Seek Thermal – Thermal camera for your smart phone

Seek Thermal

This is a review of the Seek Thermal camera for your iPhone or Android smart phone. You can go to their site at and read all the tech specs, so I’m not going to spend the time on those.

Which smartphone has the best assistant?

Google AI

Many of us know Siri from Apple and her voice. Then Microsoft came out with the new Cortana we’re all hearing on the commercials. Guess what? Google quietly snuck up on everyone and has created the best virtual assistant available

FlirOne for your iPhone


One of the newest add on devices for an iPhone was recently released. It’s called the FlirOne, made by thermal imaging company Flir. Essentially it takes your iPhone and makes it a thermal imaging device for a fraction of the

Fake Cell Towers – Who do they belong to?

Fake Cell Towers

Foreword: The links in the article below do not go to some random conspiracy theorist websites, or authors of dubious background. They go to places like Yahoo Business, ARS Technical, Popular Science, ESD (one of the premier private security companies

Hello, meet Aereo

Aereo streaming TV

Have you ever heard of Aereo? If not, you will be soon. The company that two years ago launced its service and quite possibly the biggest challenge to the public/private demonstration ruling from the 70’s now sits in the hands of the

AT&T Customer Data Accessed

AT&T Mobility

According to the California Department of Justice, AT&T Mobility has reported a breach of customer data. Although AT&T didn’t release the number of how many customers were affected, the California DOJ requires companies to report the data breach of more

Vodaphone acknowledges access to its data

Vodaphone data is monitored worldwide

Vodaphone has done something no one expected. As the second largest mobile phone provider in the world, this information is huge. Vodaphone has acknowledged that countries and their intelligence services have had access directly into their data centers now for

New Weekly Technology Radio Show

Certified Ethical Hacker

Starting on Thursday night (May 5/15) at 10pm Eastern, you will be able to tune into online radio and listen live to me talking about all things technology. Many of the things I’ve blogged about here will be featured as

Snapchat – Your Messages Never Were Deleted

snapchat has been hacked

The promise of Snapchat was that your messages and photos never lasted very long and were deleted forever. Well, after the FTC started looking into Snapchat after the big hack they experienced (and was reported here during the first day),

Android, Cisco and Juniper – Heartbleed affects them all

The Heartbleed bug, widely talked about in the last year, was quietly acknowledged by all three tech giants that many of their products are susceptible to this vulnerability. Google’s announcement is here,  while Google themselves exposed that the flaw also

Your new S4 is not secure

Samsung Knox security software

Two days ago, Israeli BGU Security Researchers indicated they found a major security flaw in the highly touted Knox security system that is incorporated in the Samsung S4. In true ethical form, BGU notified Samsung about their findings. The S4

Downloading Apps – Be Careful!

EULA for brightest flashlight ever

So you see an ad for a new app, or one of your friends talks about it and you go and download it to your smartphone or tablet. It is fairly easy (and free) these days to build apps, and

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