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Talking Survival on 700 WLW

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Join me with Rocky Boiman on 700 WLW Thursday night 8/25 at 10 PM Eastern. 700 is heard over the air on 700 AM radio in 38 states as one of the largest radio stations in the United States. You

Wilderness Survival Class – June 24th-26th 2016

**UPDATE**-  This class has been scheduled for June 23-15th in Middletown Ohio,  with some VERY awesome and unique changes that no other survival experience has to offer!! Check out for all the details and to register. Only 25 seats

Fast way to sight rifle

This guy exposes a special operations trick to sight in a rifle in 2 shots, sometimes three if you suck. Instead of firing a shot aimed at the middle of a target, then adjusting the sights to the middle of

Survival Skills 101 – Update!

Fat guys in the woods, Survival 101, CIncinnati, Ohio, David Howard

All kinds of new things have come along since my initial announcement about this class. Starting Feb 6, 2016 and running from 9a-1pm on three Saturdays in a row, you can come meet some of the most experienced survivalists and

How to open a can without tools

Do you  have a can of tuna, or something else but no can opener? Do you have some concrete or a smooth rock handy? Don’t fret, because here is a video to show you how to get to that food,

Survival Skills 101

Come join Dave and other guest instructors as we bring you three days of survival skills. During our three Saturdays in February 2016, we’ll talk about the following topics, and when time allows, we’ll add more topics: Fire starting without

Bleeding wound care on the trail

As many will tell you, a good survivalist has trained in first aid, minor trauma and wound care. Some of the most trouble you can get into while in the bush is trauma that causes bleeding. There are several methods

Hammock Camping

hammock camping

If you’re into camping, always had a tent, and haven’t ever tried hammock camping, allow me a few minutes to convince you to convert. Now, there are some drawbacks to hammock camping depending on your style and where you’re going.

Survival skills aren’t just for the boys

@survivalcreek #girlscouts #Survivalist earned her #apocabox badge by creating fire, built a shelter n purified h20 — Dave The IT Guy (@DTIGCincy) September 4, 2015

So you’re a survivalist eh?

Come check out the new competition that anyone can get into! Escape the Woods is a competition event that has its inaugural event in Columbus, Ohio in September. Come learn from Creek Stewart and other instructors the skills you’ll need,

SHTF Radio Frequencies

One of the often overlooked skills when it comes to survival or prepping is the ability to communicate long after cell phones no longer work. Recently, in Katrina and the NY area hurricanes, and of course during 9/11, the cell

Do you know how to tie knot?

Bowline Knot, survival knots, knots

There are many knots, used for various reasons. Many have survival implications, even if you’re not in a survival mode. Tie a knot the wrong way, and many bad things could potentially happen. Did you know tying a knot into

Survival Stove and Heaters

So you find yourself stranded in your car, in a camper, cabin or even a tent during some freak snowstorm or other cold weather situation. There are several stoves you can build that work in enclosed, tight spaces. Let’s talk

Cincy Preparedness Expo – May 30-31 2014

Cincy Preparedness Expo

Come join us at the Sharonville Convention Center on May 30th and 31st at the Cincy Preparedness Expo. Although I will be one of the featured speakers, you won’t want to miss Saturday’s Keynote address by retired Lt Col Oliver

Check out the Survival Fitness Podcast

Survival Fitness

 Check out the latest podcast on survival topics, this time we’re talking about survival fitness. Dave The IT Guy – Survival Fitness

Live tech talk @ 10:30 PM EST (2230 hrs) – Survival Tech

Live Radio Broadcast

Tonight at 10:30 pm (2230 for you military vets) live from the Mixlr platform, I’ll be discussing survival based tech gear for your bug out bag. Join in the chat room to ask your questions, talk with others and let’s

Bugging out or just something unexpected

Survive the night!

The winter of 2014-2015 in the United States should have gotten your attention to the need for preparedness. People getting stuck on the highways, in their homes in Boston and other areas with snow measured by the foot, icy conditions

The Apocabox

Survivalist and host of the Weather Channel’s hit survival show Fat Guys in the Woods puts out a bi-monthly subscription service called the Apocabox. Each box contains tools, teachings and bug-out bag worthy equipment to help you gain more ability

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