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Featured Cloud Expert


Recently I participated in an email based interview of Top 25 Cloud experts. Here is a link to the completed article. The article focused on top mistakes companies make when using cloud based technologies. The site sent a request out

Completely free IT Training and it’s worth it

Cybrary IT

If you’re looking to take some training in the IT field and not sure if you like what it is, or even know what part of IT you’re interested in, then you’ve found the right posting. If you’ve never hear

Using the Cloud to make money – legally?

Legal Bots in the cloud

Millions of people worldwide use free accounts in the cloud in some way. Data storage, email, team collaboration, website hosting, music hosting and a myriad of other reasons. In the world of hackers and data thieves most of us have heard of

IT Certifications -What’s good & what to avoid

IT industry Certifications

Certifications in the IT field have been a hot topic of debate for years as to their real value. Many without certifications argue that they have the skill and can prove it with their work, and do not need a piece of

New Weekly Technology Radio Show

Certified Ethical Hacker

Starting on Thursday night (May 5/15) at 10pm Eastern, you will be able to tune into online radio and listen live to me talking about all things technology. Many of the things I’ve blogged about here will be featured as

OpenStack – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

OpenStack IaaS

OpenStack is open source software to build public and private clouds. This free (yes free) software to build your cloud is supported by thousands of developers worldwide. There are events around the globe to introduce you to this software, Yahoo

Hack your helmet

Skully Helmet

Skully Helmets are coming! They are in the process of selecting beta testers for their new helmets. Heads up display (HUD) GPS, Music, rear view camera, smartphone connectivity, voice control and so much more. A developer’s SDK are coming this

Server 2012 R2- Free download and Training

Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Preview Release

Server 2012 R2 is now available for free,  general download. This is the evaluation version and should NOT be put into a production environment. You also have access to free Server 2012 R2 Virtual Labs to test things without having


VMWARE Certified Associate Data Center Virtualization

VMWARE just announced a new certification for those who are relatively new to the virtualization world, but still has some experience. The new line of VCA (VMWARE Certified Associate) can all be found here. What makes these unique compared to

Free VMWare Machines for you

VM Player Free

VMWare and Microsoft’s Hyper-V are the two largest virtual computing platforms. Most people think they need a server and big setup to run this type of environment, but that isn’t true. You can use VMWare Player (or download VM Workstation

Office 365 or Google Apps?

Google Apps vs Office365

If you’re looking at buying some version of Office or using Google Apps, let’s take a few moments to talk about the differences. Let’s start by talking about how close both of these services are in pricing and capabilities. It

VMWare ESXi 5.5 What’s new and pretty

Esxi 5.5 Web Client and what's new with VMWare

The VMWare ESXi 5.5 platform has been out awhile now and those of you looking to upgrade your virtual platform may be  interested in taking a look at this updated host system. Such new features  as expanded vGPU support, a

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