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Popular Program CCleaner Compromised – 20 Million users affected

Cisco’s Talos researchers discovered that the official site that distributes the popular CCleaner tool was compromised between Aug 15th and September 12th of 2017. During this time, a version of CCleaner was uploaded that had Malware designed to install other

Adware spreading via Facebook Messenger

Be careful clicking links coming from within Facebook Messenger. Regardless of if you’re using Mac, Linux or Windows, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE, they are all susceptible in some manner. What looks like an innocent video is actually a redirected

Petya isn’t about your dog

Petya is a Ransomware variant that as of the writing of this post, is currently hitting the European continent. Russian energy giant Rosneft, US Pharmaceutical giant Merck and the largest shipping container company in the world Maersk is currently being

Podcast Episode 3- Do You Need Antivirus?

Do you really need antivirus software on your computer these days? With all the new malware tools, security tools, is antivirus a 90’s dinosaur? What about tablets and cell phones? If you decide you really need it, are the free

Phishing – Spear Phishing – Whaling

Spearphishing Campaign

There are several terms that indicate an attempt by a hacker to trick you into giving your login credentials to them. The terms phishing, spearphishing and whaling are all related to the attempt to trick you via a fake email.

Largest iPhone Hack ever!

Largest iPhone hack ever

Two days ago it was announced that the largest iPhone hack ever had occurred. This hack targeted a very specific segment of iPhone users, those with “jailbroken” phones. What that means is that someone modified the operating system to gain

Ransomware – What you need to know

Ransomware Warning SIgns

So what is ransomware? It is when your computer gets compromised by an evil piece of software that detects files and encrypts them with an almost impossible way to recover your data. Why “almost impossible” you ask? Well, you could

MAC Thunderbolt Port Rootkit? – Yep

So it hasn’t been proven to have so far be put into place, but on the other hand, there are no current tests or scanners that can detect if a MAC rootkit has indeed been put on your PC. During

WordPress Malware Attack

SoakSoak.RU Malwate

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! If you’re running a blog or website using WordPress, they may already be at your door, or even in your website. Security researchers at Sucuri have discovered the malware affecting 100K+

Dark Hotel – What you need to know

Dark Hotel Attack

Maybe you’ve heard of the Asian region upscale hotel attacks on computers that has been dubbed “Darkhotel” and maybe you haven’t. Take a few moments to read this, and even follow the links in this article to other sources and

Backdoor attack on MAC OS X? Yes indeed

MAC OS X Attack

Security researchers over at Fireye have discovered that cyber criminals over at GREF have taken a known Windows backdoor attack (XSLCmd backdoor program) and ported it over to target the MAC OS X environment over the past few days.  It’s

Save yourself from Cryptolocker for free – Maybe

FireEye and FOX IT

So you got your computer locked by Cryptolocker, eh? Didn’t backup your data recently and now you’re just out of luck or you’re going to pay the ransom? Well before you wipe that drive clean and start over, or before

Mother Russia

Russia Cyber Criminals

Mother Russia is known for many things. Vodka, Stalin, Oppression, and a once feared military. Now they’re more commonly known for cybercriminals. Many threats emanate from Russia in the form of DDOS attacks, Data Theft and so on. However, it

SANDRORAT – Malware for your Android


According to McAfee researcher Carlos Castillo, an email spam campaign was spotted in Poland distributing a version of the SandroRat with the name “Kaspersky_Mobile_Security.apk. ” The email tries to scare a user with the following subject: “Uwaga! Wykryto szkodliwe oprogramowanie w

Using the Cloud to make money – legally?

Legal Bots in the cloud

Millions of people worldwide use free accounts in the cloud in some way. Data storage, email, team collaboration, website hosting, music hosting and a myriad of other reasons. In the world of hackers and data thieves most of us have heard of

Internet Explorer Critical Update – June 10th

Internet Explorer

Microsoft has announced their June 2014 patch Tuesday (June 10th) will include two items marked as critical and five others as important in severity. The one item considered the most urgent of all for everyone to patch (everyone except XP

2014 – The Year of the Hack

Data Thieves are here to stay

2013 saw some pretty major hacks that were reported in the media, and many more that were not. However, 2014 is shaping up already to be the year with the most data breaches by number and the sheer amount of

Can you still update XP? Maybe..


There are several versions of  Windows XP with the most common of course the consumer or business version. There are also versions for retail POS (Point of Sale) systems, banking ATMS, embedded XP for thin clients to connect to remote

New Weekly Technology Radio Show

Certified Ethical Hacker

Starting on Thursday night (May 5/15) at 10pm Eastern, you will be able to tune into online radio and listen live to me talking about all things technology. Many of the things I’ve blogged about here will be featured as

Speed Up Your PC

Slow PC and Safety

I was going to write an article about speeding up your computer, but in reality there are plenty of good articles already on the web, and there was no sense in wasting the time writing a new one. Instead, what

Antivirus is Dead

Antivirus is Dead

Brian Dye from Symantec wrote an OpEd piece for the Wall Street Journal declaring that antivirus is dead. The funny thing about this  “declaration’ is that it is not new information, at least it isn’t new to those of us

IE Patch Released – Download Now

Internet Explorer flaw

The widely reported bug that allowed all versions of Internet Explorer to be hacked now has a patch available from Microsoft. In a change to policy, this update is also available to XP users, which previously were expected to get

Adobe Releases Patch for IE Flaw

Adobe Flash IE Flaw

The fatal flaw announced on Saturday by Microsoft that affects their browsers is partly based on Adobe Flash Code. Adobe released on Monday a fix to this flaw, but be cautioned this is only part of the battle. You will

The First Post-XP exploit is here

Internet Explorer flaw

The first exploit that doesn’t just target XP, but every known version of Internet Explorer is now running rampant on the Internet. What makes this issue critical is that although Microsoft will quickly release a patch to cover this, anyone

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