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Windows 10 Podcast

Windows 10 is coming. You can’t stop it, and eventually if you own a Windows computer, you will have Win10. So before you get all twisted and out of control over it, take the 12 mins to listen to this

Blink for Home

Blink for home, Dave the IT guy, Cincinnati, tech, review

——–Update 1/21/16: After receiving my 5 camera system and setting it up, I ran into a couple of issues. One, some of the cameras displayed a green screen (like night vision mode). Sent an email to support at Blink and

Karma Personal Hotspot

Karma Hotspot

There are plenty of hot spots you could use. One of them is the Karma Go, which I’ll take a few minutes to talk about. The Karma Go is offering a “social Wifi” experience. What this means is that anyone


Karma Go

We all have data plans on our smartphones (those of us with smartphones anyway) but do you find yourself not using the data each month but keep paying for it? Sure AT&T now has the rollover data, but that’s only for

Dark Hotel – What you need to know

Dark Hotel Attack

Maybe you’ve heard of the Asian region upscale hotel attacks on computers that has been dubbed “Darkhotel” and maybe you haven’t. Take a few moments to read this, and even follow the links in this article to other sources and

Listen Live on 700 WLW

700 WLW

Listen live to the Scott Sloan show on 700 WLW @ 930 AM on Wednesday 11.12.14 as we talk about targeted hacks of CEOs and others who travel around the world using free WiFi in upscale hotels. If you’ve ever

Fake Cell Towers – Who do they belong to?

Fake Cell Towers

Foreword: The links in the article below do not go to some random conspiracy theorist websites, or authors of dubious background. They go to places like Yahoo Business, ARS Technical, Popular Science, ESD (one of the premier private security companies

Airplane Wifi Hacks and other news

Airplane Wifi Hack

IOActive security expert Ruben Santamarta has said he has devised a way to hack airline wifi, at least in a controlled environment. Although he has tried to downplay this acknowledgement, his presentation at the 2014 Black Hat Conference was the most widely exposed

SANDRORAT – Malware for your Android


According to McAfee researcher Carlos Castillo, an email spam campaign was spotted in Poland distributing a version of the SandroRat with the name “Kaspersky_Mobile_Security.apk. ” The email tries to scare a user with the following subject: “Uwaga! Wykryto szkodliwe oprogramowanie w

Easiest cars to hack? The losers are..

Hack your Car

Some time ago, I wrote a brief article about hackers being able to take control of your car while you were driving. Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek had shown how a Prius could be hacked from within a car,

IT Certifications -What’s good & what to avoid

IT industry Certifications

Certifications in the IT field have been a hot topic of debate for years as to their real value. Many without certifications argue that they have the skill and can prove it with their work, and do not need a piece of

AT&T Customer Data Accessed

AT&T Mobility

According to the California Department of Justice, AT&T Mobility has reported a breach of customer data. Although AT&T didn’t release the number of how many customers were affected, the California DOJ requires companies to report the data breach of more

Vodaphone acknowledges access to its data

Vodaphone data is monitored worldwide

Vodaphone has done something no one expected. As the second largest mobile phone provider in the world, this information is huge. Vodaphone has acknowledged that countries and their intelligence services have had access directly into their data centers now for

New Weekly Technology Radio Show

Certified Ethical Hacker

Starting on Thursday night (May 5/15) at 10pm Eastern, you will be able to tune into online radio and listen live to me talking about all things technology. Many of the things I’ve blogged about here will be featured as

Home Automation Do’s & Don’ts

Nest Programmable Thermostat

Home automation products have really come a long way over the past 7 years. We’ve seen it in the movies, we’ve seen it at the local home improvement store, but is it really worth the up front money? Is it

Wireless 802.11ac -What’s new

IEEE Wireless standards table

In the last year, the IEEE Standards Association approved a new wireless standard called 802.11ac. What does that mean for you? In a nutshell, faster wireless speeds. Currently, the 802.11n standard offers up to 600mb per second speed (depending on

Streaming Media Devices and then Chromecast

Roku screen

Streaming media has become a mainstay in many homes these days. It’s not just the kids streaming YouTube from their computers and making short videos to upload. Services such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, TuneIn and the list goes

Wireless for your small to large business – What you should know about WPA2

wifi, hacking Cracking, WPA, WPA2, Radius, NPS

There are several methods to crack even the most audacious WPA/WPA2 wireless passwords. So what do we do now? Well it is time for you and your IT team to look at 2 method authentication. What does that mean? You

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