Cincy Preparedness Expo – May 30-31 2014

Cincy Preparedness Expo

Cincy Preparedness ExpoCome join us at the Sharonville Convention Center on May 30th and 31st at the Cincy Preparedness Expo. Although I will be one of the featured speakers, you won’t want to miss Saturday’s Keynote address by retired Lt Col Oliver North.  I’ll be speaking on Sunday the 31st at 2pm.

I”m pretty excited to be speaking at this event, and to continue educating folks on survival. You don’t have to be some camo-clad nut job for survival skills to be of benefit to you. Just think about the past year and the various levels of devastation people around the world have experienced. Would you have been in a position to shelter yourself, stay warm, or even be able to safely and effectively move out of the area if needed? I can teach you those skills, and others at this even will have a wealth of information. This isn’t something you should miss!

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