Using the Cloud to make money – legally?

Legal Bots in the cloud

Legal Bots in the cloudMillions of people worldwide use free accounts in the cloud in some way. Data storage, email, team collaboration, website hosting, music hosting and a myriad of other reasons. In the world of hackers and data thieves most of us have heard of botnets and how they take over your PC and use it for malicious reasons such as denial of service attacks, password cracking and again, many other reasons. However, this article isn’t about those people. This time we’re going to talk about researchers who devised what looks to be a legal use of free cloud based services to
prove you can do it to make money.

If you’ve ever heard of cybercurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc) you’ve also probably heard about the high cost of buying the equipment needed to “mine” these currencies, the electrical and cooling needs and all the associated costs of entry into that field. Well these researchers will be presenting at the upcoming Blackhat conference in Vegas to show just how they accomplished making money using Amazon’s free cloud services (and other companies) and that they also believe all of their methods to be perfectly legal and not subject to any terms of service or legal violations.

You can read the full article here at Wired Magazine, and they always video the presentations at the Blackhat Conference and you’ll find them on Youtube soon thereafter. I’d suggest taking the time to look for them and watch!

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