Credit Card Skimmers

Credit card skimmers are a real thing, right here in the USA. Where can you find them? ATM machines, gas pumps, anywhere that an unattended credit card can be used. What do these skimmers do? They are a piece designed to look like the credit card slot of these machines. Then when you slide your card in, it captures a copy of the information on the magnetic stripe. You’ll also find in combination a small camera often pointed at the pin pad of ATM machines to capture your pin code too and send the images wirelessly to a central server. These things take about 30 seconds to install. However there are some things you can do to protect yourself. Pull on the credit card “slot” at these locations, if it’s a skimmer it will most likely come off in your hand very easily. Do yourself a favor, check every location you’re about to swipe your card. Even those self checkout lanes at your favorite grocery store. Yes, even those locations have fallen victim to skimmers. Check out this video from a local news crew.

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