Save yourself from Cryptolocker for free – Maybe

FireEye and FOX IT

FireEye and FOX ITSo you got your computer locked by Cryptolocker, eh? Didn’t backup your data recently and now you’re just out of luck or you’re going to pay the ransom? Well before you wipe that drive clean and start over, or before you hand over your cash, there is a new site designed to at least give you a fighting chance to get your data back. Well known security researchers FireEye and FOX-IT has opened a portal for you to upload your encrypted, stolen files and try to get them decrypted. How does it work? FOX-IT was able to get its hands on some of the keys that Cryptolocker uses to encrypt your files, so you at least “might” be able to get stuff back. They do suggest you not upload files that are personally identifiable to you or have sensitive information. It does not say why not to do that, but their server might store copies of files for later reference for updates (not to steal your data). FirEye and FOX IT have been around, these guys are legit. But if it’s your last resort, then it’s worth a try. Here’s the link the site.

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