Cyberbullies and the new punishment

If you haven’t hBrookdale College Suspends Studenteard already about former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling’s rant and revenge against cyber bullies towards his daughter, then you have missed a great read. Effectively, Curt was trying to congratulate his daughter publicly for making a college softball team and gaining entrance to college. Once the tweets went public, he started getting vulgar and sometimes anonymous messages directed towards his daughter. Well, they thought they were being anonymous. Schilling, who is no stranger to controversy and speaking his mind, went on the offensive. Often times, people say don’t get into a war on the internet, to just ignore it. Well Schilling not only did not ignore it, he made some of those people pay dearly for their smart ass comments.

One of those folks was Sean Macdonald, who apparently worked for the Yankees. Notice the past tense? Once his name was outed on Schilling’s blog, the Yankees fired him. You can read about that right here. The other is a college student who was suspended from his school Brookdale Community College (which was also posted on the school’s Facebook page as seen above). Curt even announced yesterday he knows the names of all of those who sent threatening messages and is pursuing action against them. The part about this whole thing that is so awesome is that these two clowns can Google their name (see this for an example) and ALWAYS find reference to this event on the first page, since the whole story went viral and Curt’s standing in the sports world. That also means prospective girl friends and employers also get to see this stuff first page. How’s that for punishment? Yep, that simple mistake follows them around now for a very, very long time. Is it fair? Yes for now, but no as they get older and look back at how stupid this was. Hopefully this helps as a deterrent to others like them.



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