Disney Circle – Review and opinion

Disney Circle Internet Control You have a children using Internet connected devices every day. However, you would like to be able to control what they see, or even how long they are online. Maybe you want to control specific applications? Maybe you’re not really very technically inclined and all of that seems like a very hard thing to do. Well, meet Disney’s Circle and take control over your Internet. What are some of the top features? Let’s take a quick dive in:

Literal 5 minute setup to get your household protected

You can set time limits by individual in your family.

You can set time limits by devices you own.

You can turn the Internet off for everyone for bed time.

You can set limits by specific apps (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

You can set filters by age to ensure they younger ones don’t see things they shouldn’t be.

If your kids visit grandma’s house with Internet, you can extend the rules to their device so they can’t cheat.

You can pause the Internet for a temporary amount of time for everyone or by user.

You can reward the children with additional time for doing their chores, earning good grades, etc.

So with just these features, and a one time price of $99, it’s really one of the easiest and best devices to quickly implement household rules that your kids cannot circumvent. It also gives you piece of mind they aren’t staying up late online and possibly being targeted by people who shouldn’t be talking to your children. So don’t wait another minute, check out Disney Circle and get your Internet under control.

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