Do servers really matter?

trumpThere has been quite a bit of talk this election cycle about Clinton’s email server. Sure it had classified info on it, regardless of what Clinton says. However, is it really that important? Outside of the tech people who really understand what is going on, the politicians and groups supporting them, simply are making more of a big deal than it should be. They claim information like that should have been on a more secure government server. Do you not realize how many times those servers have already been hacked and compromised? Far more than Clinton’s server, without question. Now, we learn that Trump has had his own server connected directly to a Russian Bank. Said bank is owned by a Putin insider.  Now, this server is a privately owned server connected to a Bank, which is and of itself isn’t illegal on the face. However, there are MANY questions to be answered. A full read of this article is required for you to fully understand what is known and what is not known.

The questions this article raises are what needs to be answered by Trump. Why does the information seem to spike during times of political changes? Why does the information seem to spike when there are times of financial changes (good or bad)? It is clear the information isn’t some random, automated stuff. It is human initiated, without question. Is Trump doing some insider trading in foreign markets? Is he using information for political gain to help his businesses overseas? Is he working through a process to send or receive other types of data? Why is this particular server ultra-secure beyond reasonable banking security measures? Why has Trump NOT acknowledged the existence of said server, when it is conclusively proven to exist?

So before you question only the email server of one candidate, you better question the email server of the other one too.

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