Do you know how to tie knot?

Bowline Knot, survival knots, knots

Bowline Knot, survival knots, knotsThere are many knots, used for various reasons. Many have survival implications, even if you’re not in a survival mode. Tie a knot the wrong way, and many bad things could potentially happen. Did you know tying a knot into a rope weakens that rope to up to 50% of it’s rated max load? Buy a brand new rope that holds 3000 pounds. Then tie a knot into it. The next time you use that rope, it very well could have the strength of 1500 pounds. Would you risk your life not knowing for sure? There is an awesome online free site that shows animations on how to tie almost every knot ever needed, and they have apps for Android and iPhones too. Check out the Animated Knots by Grog site, you’ll thank me later.

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