Donald Trump and Hacking

Donald Trump Hacker Challenge Tweet

Just to be transpaDonald Trump Hacker Challenge Tweetrent: I did not vote for, nor support in any manner, Donald Trump for President during his campaign. However, he was elected, I am an American and I support him in his endeavor to help move our country forward. He has surrounded himself with Billionaires and Millionaires who are completely out of touch with the common person. He has put people in leadership positions that do not belong in those positions. Now, my biggest beef is with those who are advising him on technology. He claims to have information that the intelligence community as a whole does not have. Where could he get such information? How can he say with a straight face he knows more about hacking that those in the community know? I am positive he doesn’t know more about hacking than I know. In fact I sent the tweet shown in the image to him (also sent it to his Facebook page, his advisers, transition team, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times) challenging him to put together his best tech team to build a server (either Windows or Linux) and invite me to attempt to hack said server. So far, I’ve gotten no response. We need Americans to stop being sheep when it comes to technology. Our intelligence community is working hard to identify and defeat those in Russia, North Korea, China, Syria and other countries who would do us cyber harm. Having an incoming President already at odds with these people is a HUGE mistake. Don’t just let Trump say these things, make him either PROVE it, or shut up and let the pros do it.

One last thought for all of you: During the campaign, much was said about the DNC getting hacked and emails being released. It has been said (and proven to the extent it cannot be denied) that at the very least Russia was involved and most likely lead the charge. The RNC was also hacked, but how come none of that data was released? I’m not saying the info was withheld to help Trump get elected. However, I am saying this: If Trump WAS elected (and in the end he was) then all the data captured during the RNC breach is now blackmail material for several RNC people, including President-Elect Trump later down the road. I know his spokespeople have said the RNC was hacked, but if you believe a Press Secretary who has NEVER been in the role he’s in now and says it didn’t happen with regards to something that 17 Intelligence agencies say happened, then you might not be as intelligent as you once thought. Here is the article from the New York Times to read for yourself.

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