Donald Trump – Hacking – Russians

OK, so this might be a little rough on the edges, but man I’m just appalled at the sheer amount of stupid coming out of people’s mouths that are supposed to be smart people. So here I go!

If you believe for one minute that 17 intelligence agencies that have all said, in unison, that the Russians were heavily involved in hacking the DNC email, yet you believe Trump or Julian Assange when they say it didn’t happen, then you are a fool. It’s OK to be a Trump supporter, but for god’s sake, don’t be a sheep.

For Donald Trump to completely dismiss the entire intelligence community as being wrong, and that he knows things they don’t isn’t arrogance. It is complete disillusion. He’s already broken decades old, world wide accepted norms of protocol. He’s belligerent with other billionaires and big companies. He hasn’t stopped hiring foreign workers, and how many of his businesses hire or build items outside of the US for import (and will his company pay the same import tariff’s he’s threatening others with)?

Trump is bringing in Billionaires who couldn’t possibly understand what it takes in today’s world for a single mom of 2 to get by on $30K a year and foodstamps. He has stated he’s going to drain the swamp that is Washington, but instead he’s bringing them all to the White House (and being photo’d with Mob felons during New Years Parties).

Julian Assange said, and I quote “We did not get leaked emails regarding the US DNC from Russia or the state” well of course you didn’t moron. A hacker, especially a state sponsored group, isn’t going to leave the direct paper trail back to them. That info was washed through intermediaries before it hit Wikileaks. Again, it takes a special kind of stupid to believe the Russians would hand over the info openly.

The DNC (Democratic National Convention) was hacked and emails released. In the same time frame, the RNC was also breached, yet none of that data has been released. Why do you think that is? Do you think they are holding some dirty secrets over the RNC and related Congressmen? I mean, who doesn’t want a little blackmail over the party that has full control of Senate, the White House, soon the Supreme Court and 37 of 50 Governors of US states? Why would they release that info pre-election when it holds FAR more value after the fact?

There is so much spin going on, that I am incredulous that people just buy into this bullshit. However, I did see many, including people on my friends list, failing for fake news and proudly reposting it as facts for all to see (I won’t call you out, but those of you who did it, know who you are).

In the end, we all have to move forward. But people, PLEASE, use common sense and some critical thinking. If you are a Trump supporter, it is MORE on you than anyone else to be a voice against some of the completely stupid things he’s already said. As for the people he’s putting in positions of leadership, cmon man. No one liked Omarosa on the Apprentice and we all thought she was a self serving moron. Now she’s ending up in the White House? Really? Trump must’ve did or said something on the show and now she has it hanging over his head. Why else bring that idiot into the White House?

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