Fake Cell Towers – Who do they belong to?

Fake Cell Towers
Fake Cell Towers

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Foreword: The links in the article below do not go to some random conspiracy theorist websites, or authors of dubious background. They go to places like Yahoo Business, ARS Technical, Popular Science, ESD (one of the premier private security companies in the US) and ComputerWorld. The information contained in this article and the referenced links are serious and should scare you more than anything you’ve heard about recently, because much of this information is less than 2 months old.

For several years since the Eric Snowden bombshells that exposed the NSA to the rest of us, there has been far more sinister things going on in the US that to this day are still not fully understood. In case you missed it when you’re driving down the road, you might have connected to a fake cell tower and not even noticed. Sure your call went through, but who did it go through to get to the person you were calling? Ever heard of Stingray or Hailstorm towers? How about IMSI readers, or even the VME Cell Phone Interceptor?  Read this article and you will be mad, you will be fighting mad. Not only is the US Govt spying on your cell usage, so are local agencies as well.

So now that you’re sufficiently paying attention, and either scared or mad (possibly both) let me introduce you to the fake cell towers I mentioned in the title. This article will introduce you to the fact that these towers exist, and that currently it isn’t even known who owns and operates these towers (and no, it is most likely NOT the NSA because they don’t need them to eavesdrop on you).  This article will even expand your knowledge some, and if it doesn’t make you want to write your State and Federal Representatives, then you might as well stop reading this article now. The rest of this is really going to blow you away and piss you off.

ESD America did a very interesting research project finding at least 17 such fake towers around the US. One even near my hometown of Cincinnati (as shown on the map in this article). One of the most interesting facts they found is that many of these fake towers are centered around US military installations. What should be even more alarming is that ethical hackers back in 2010 demonstrated this technology and attack was possible, even under threat and pressure from the FCC. Now, though, under pressure from Congress and the fact that this information is gaining public awareness, the FCC and the ACLU have been pressing for a probe of who is using these technologies, and how did they gain the authority to do so.

Get in touch with your local government, your state government, and your federal representatives and pressure them to find out what is going on and to report to the American public on just how these technologies are being used.  You’ve been warned, don’t claim later you didn’t know.

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