Free Microsoft Labs you didn’t know about

Microsoft TechNet Virtual Labs

Microsoft TechNet Virtual LabsUnless you are a  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) of some level ( I currently hold the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert 2012 Certification), you might not know that Microsoft has hundreds of hours of free, online lab training where you can virtually build servers, learn how to put all the cool technology together, and test it without worrying about breaking it. Have you ever heard of virtualization? Sure you have, everyone in the IT field knows about Hyper-V and VMware. But did you know that there is a difference in hardware virtualization and application virtualization? Hyper-V and VMware are hardware virtualization technologies, and APP-V is software virtualization (Microsoft bought a company called Softgrid years ago and renamed it to APP-V).  You can learn all about both Hyper-V and APP-V right on the TechNet Virtual Labs page.

You can even learn about Exchange, SQL, System Center and cloud technologies such as Azure, Office364, Sharepoint online and just about anything else that Microsoft builds for IT folks. Visual Studio, and the list goes on and one.

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