Free USB Computer Lock

There is a free utility available that offers quite a bit of extra security for your computer. It runs right from your USB drive (even the older, smaller size ones in many cases) and offers quite a bit of functionality. The Predator Lock is the name, and I’m going to take a little bit of your time to show you its game.

Predator Key LockFirst, let me be fair to say there is a paid version of this device ($29) and a free version. Frankly, the free version will work for most everyone, but for those of you extra paranoid, the $29 is probably not a bad way to go.  Essentially you download the utility, install it, have your thumb drive handy and in what amounts to about 10 or 12 minutes of your time and you now have some nice extra security on your computer. Some of the very cool features to this device are that you can use one thumb drive to lock many machines ( a Master Key of sorts) and you can have many thumb drives that will unlock one PC (spare keys as it were just like for your car or house).

You can also have Predator send you an email or even a photo (if you have a webcam on your computer) showing you who tried to log into your machine while away. You can even connect to your Twitter account and Predator can update you with a post that someone was trying to be sneaky. It has an awesomely loud alarm, so if you’re at your favorite coffee shop and leave the laptop alone a few moments to grab a refill or whatever, and Joe the sneaky guy wants to take a peek at what you’ve been doing and tries to wiggle the mouse or press a key, the alarm will alert you, embarrass him and everyone gets a great laugh at his expense.

So why is this any different than say Bitlocker, TrueCrypt or other free encryption methods? Primarily the features indicated above are what makes this product stand out. Alerts, emails, Tweets, alarms all serve to add a little extra to your security. Not to mention the other methods require that when you walk away from your machine you remember to lock it. With Predator, grab the USB drive out of the machine and it will auto-lock itself for you.  You can check out this cool 2 minute video courtesy of Lifehacker to help you understand a little more about what it does. Always good to have extra security, especially if you work from your laptop and the data integrity and security can make a difference between winning and losing business.

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