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VM Player FreeVMWare and Microsoft’s Hyper-V are the two largest virtual computing platforms. Most people think they need a server and big setup to run this type of environment, but that isn’t true. You can use VMWare Player (or download VM Workstation if you want to have a few more options). Then you can do a search on Free VM Appliances and start using, at no cost, a nice new workstation. Maybe you want to learn about a version of Linux? Download a VM and it’ll work right on your windows computer (yes Linux on a Windows Computer). Maybe you’re tired of viruses and such when you surf the web? You could consider downloading VM player, downloading one of the many windows-looking Linux environments (like OpenSuse and others) and then within there you allow your kids to use Firefox and surf the web free of worries of viruses. If something happens to the VM, you simply turn it off, and back on and it resets itself back to normal (if you’d like) and any issues created are now gone. Many reasons why you’d want VM Player on your machine.

If you have a spare computer, doesn’t have to be too high end, you can put VM Player on that PC and download one of the many firewall appliances (open source and free, just be careful where you get it from, but get PFSense here) and now have a nice secure firewall. You could even find VPN appliances (like OpenVPN) and set up remote access back to your home or small business. There are cloning systems (like FOG), there are CMS systems (like WebGui), network management and monitoring systems (like OpsView or Cacti) , NAS/SAN systems (like OpenFiler).  Below is a list of quite a few other free appliances, and all you have to do is run VM Player or VM Workstation and you can have an entire network at no cost (other than the hardware to run it on). If you plan on running several VM’s at the same time, then yes, you’ll have to have a bigger machine to handle the workload. But even a beefy workstation with good processing power, fast hard drives and lots of RAM will still be cheaper than a server and work just about as well in a smaller environment (under 30 pc’s). There are many options, the ones listed in this article and below are from known safe vendors.

Lamp Stack (if you need a LAMP server which is basically a SQL server)

Samba based Windows Domain Controller

Helpdesk type ticketing software OTRS

Moodle to create online courses for schools or homeschooled students

More VM downloads here and here


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