Free new tools for you and your business

SolutoSoluto is a free tool for your IT folks to use. What makes it different is the capabilities and insight it gives you. Shaving an average of 38 seconds off the boot time, alerting you as the IT person of proactive needs BEFORE a device fails, having insight into mobile devices, patch management, even offline device management. Sure you can get similar features from other vendors, but nothing like what you get here at the best price ever, FREE! MicrostrategySure there are paid tiers if you’re going to manage many machines, you’ll find less the features at twice the price.

Another tool for you is geared more towards the business side of the free tool world. If you need to gain true insight into your data, and really dive into the analysis of what information your data provides to you, you should be heading over to the MicroStrategy website for their Microstrategy Analytics program for your desktop. Free to download and use, let’s really find out what all that data you collect from a wide variety of sources is telling you about your clients, competitors and more importantly, about yourself.

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