Hack your tennis racket!

babolat tennis racket digital data

babolat tennis racket digital dataA new tennis racket that is actually approved for tournament play by the International Tennis Association is now on the market.  The Babolat Play racket is a traditional tennis racket packed full of sensors to give you feedback on a variety of topics. This racket measures your power, location on the racket that you hit the ball, endurance, spin, serves and much more. By downloading an app to your smartphone, you’re able to simply step to the side of the court and take a look at your stats. The ITA has stated the only restriction on use of this racket during tournament play is that you’re not able to look at your data during the match or between sets.

So many sports these days are turning to technology to improve the game, that the original game is somewhat changed. Gone are the days where an ordinary tennis racket and hours of practice are what’s required to improve your game. Having one of these rackets and using the data provided should allow you to practice less and enjoy the game more by improving your playing score. The United States Tennis Association self-rating scale of 1.5-7.0 finds most recreational players in the 1.4.0 category, with college, amateur and professional players in the 4.5-7.0 range.This racket has been designed for those who wish to use empirical data to more efficiently improve their play. For more information you can check out the website here.

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