Hacking the Sodastream

Hack the Sodastream

Hack the SodastreamModifying your Sodastream isn’t really so much a hack. However, there are some methods to making your Sodastream a little more cost effective and less hassle. The biggest thing about these is buying the CO2 from Sodastream and a few other vendors). At about $15 a bottle for exchange, you could spend close to $180 a year if you replace once a month. Wll there is an alternative to exchanging. You can buy an adapter to go onto your Sodastream for about $50-60 (depending on which model you have and where you buy it from). Installing the adapater is as simple as screwing in the tank itself. Then you buy a food grade (this tidbit is important) C02 tank (about $20-40 depending on size) and then take it to a local paintball store, or other gas store (some home improvement stores do this too) and have your bottle filled for about $2-4. Just do a Google search for Sodastream CO2 adapter and food grade tanks.

So let’s take a recap on pricing and do a quick comparison: Adapter ($60) Bottle (40) 12 refills ($48)= $148
so you’ve already saved $32 bucks. After that first year, the savings are more dramatic because you don’t have
tank or adapter expense (unless you buy a second bottle to have on hand). So your second year of ownership comes
out to $48 for tank refills versus the $180 ($132 savings). I even found this gem on Ebay for $53 as a combo
including shipping to my home. Now for those of you who have one of the bigger models of Sodastream and want to
really take it to the next level, you can check out this page.

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