iHacked – iPhones, iPads and Macs ransom attack

iHack- Apple devices hacked

iHack- Apple devices hackedBeing dubbed by me as iHacked, the first major attack against the entire IOS platform revealed itself today in Australia. Many people were woken up early Tuesday morning by their devices making a notification sound and once checked they found an ominous message on their screens (see photo). Targeting all devices (iPade, iPhone and Mac computers) it is initially believed to be the work of someone hacking into iCloud accounts and taking over these devices

Apple Community already has an open thread here you can follow to see if any suggestions help your situation. There are reports of users who had a passcode on their devices being able to restore from backup using iTunes. If no passcode existed on the device prior to the attack, then the user looks to be in a position to only wipe it clean and reset the devices just like it was brand new (and of course this time adding a passcode)

As you can see in the photo, Oleg Pliss ( a famous engineer who certainly has not taken over your device) has taken over your device. The current ransom to get your access back is sending $100 to a Paypal account. I cannot imagine American and European security experts not jumping in to help the Australians and Apple in tracking down the Oleg Pliss moniker as well as an instant track on the Paypal account that is receiving the money. While getting the hack completed on accounts and locking these devices is a major success as far as hacking goes, using the Paypal platform to collect your money was just plain stupid. You can read other stories about the hack (which all pretty much say the same things) here, here and here.

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