Kali Linux Nuke Option

Kali Linux 1.0.6 Nuke

Kali Linux 1.0.6 NukeKali Linux distributors Offensive Security have put together full disk encryption options for those who take their privacy seriously. However, what if you are going through an airport, foreign country or some other scenario where your laptop is seized by those who might have the means to break your encryption and look at your data? What do you do if some law enforcement agency takes your computer for some reason that you don’t agree with? What if you just want to delete your entire drive to make it unrecoverable, to even those with special skills (like the NSA)? Well now you have your chance. Kali Linux 1.0.6 distribution includes this very capability. To learn more about what’s going on, you can check here, to download the distribution and install it you can go here. To take some time to learn how this technology works, you can visit here for information.

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