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Karma Hotspot

Karma HotspotThere are plenty of hot spots you could use. One of them is the Karma Go, which I’ll take a few minutes to talk about. The Karma Go is offering a “social Wifi” experience. What this means is that anyone can connect to your hotspot and get 100MB of free data. You, as the nice sharing person, also get 100 GB free added to your account. The other unique part of this service is that your data never expires, and there is no limit to how much free data you can earn. So if you’re in a park, at an event, on the bus, wherever you happen to be, turn the hotspot on, others connect and you get free data. Of course, any data you buy is yours until you use it. One month, one year, the data never expires. This device uses the Sprint network, which traditionally was not that great in service area coverage, but has gotten better since 2014 on a larger scale.

How does all this compare to the data you use from your cell phone provider? Well that will vary. On a small scale, the data is cheaper. On a larger scale (10GB or more) it costs more than your cell company. However, even that changes. If you use some this month, use some next month, you don’t have to buy more until you need it. If you share you Karma with others (happens automatically anyway) you earn more free data. Potentially you’ll never buy data again. Even if you do, it’s not until you need it. With the traditional carriers, you pay for your data month to month, use it or not. Even AT&T’s rollover only allows you to roll over data for one month. Karma is far better than that.

Let’s do some math based on 3 months of service. You’re on Verizon for 12 GB a month at $80 a month, so that’s 36GB for $240 total (plus taxes and fees). The Karma would cost you about $374 for that same data. However, you take your Karma out and simply turn it on in public spaces and people connect. You can earn unlimited data, and for every 10 people that use your Karma, you get 1GB of free data (100mb per person). If 10 people a day use your Karma for 12 days in a month, you’ve now saved that $80, and since your data never expires, you have 12 GB of data saved in your account. What if 10 people a day use your Karma for 20 days in a month? Yep, 20GB of data free for you to use. Now do that for 2 months and you’ve earned 40GB of data and have saved 3 months in service fees ($240 on Verizon and even $374 in Karma fees). Now you have 3 months of data earned in only 2 months, with a little extra. So yes, the Karma can be expensive, but if you have it on and are using it out in public, the potential to save hundreds of dollars a year in your data use is simple. Click this link to check it out and get $10 off

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