Karma Go

Karma Go

We all have data plans on our smartphones (those of us with smartphones anyway) but do you find yourself not using the data each month but keep paying for it? Sure AT&T now has the rollover data, but that’s only for what’s left of one month into the next. But if you have data left over from Jan, then in Feb you don’t use all your data, the Jan data is gone and you only roll over the February data, You get the point. Plus data costs more from the carriers usually. Of course their are plans and specials for customers that vary the data rate. So why even consider changing things? Well maybe you like your phone service, but on occasion you need just wireless and not voice. Besides if you use your phone as a hotspot, you’re using your phone battery up at a much higher rate. Let’s look at some scenarios.

Maybe you’re traveling in a car and the kids in the backseat are going nuts. You forgot the DVD, or you don’t even have a DVD player in the car? Hand them your phone and watch them eat up your data on Netflix or some games. You might just have some downtime somewhere and don’t have access to the web, or your data plan is over, or even you need to be sure you have privacy over your data. Maybe you go to craft events, flea markets, etc and sell items. Would be nice to use wireless service to process credit cards wouldn’t it? Maybe you travel to another city for business or pleasure and hop on the free hotel wifi. Wait, you do that? You get onto the free wifi and login to your email, or your bank or credit cards? As an experienced hacker, I say thank you. As an Ethical Hacker I would smack your hands. You’re giving your info away for free doing that, and wonder how you got compromised? You needed your own private network, but who carries that in their pocket when they travel? Well now YOU can.

The Karma wireless is a new service rolling out on a US nationwide scale. What’s so special about this service? Buy your hotspot (for 13 more days it’s $99 instead of $149) then add how much data you want. How is that different from anyone else? No contracts, the data NEVER expires, you don’t buy more until you use what you got (even if it takes you months to use what you bought) then you simply reload the data. The device is a shade bigger than your car keys, there is an app for your phone to manage your wifi (you can see your daily, weekly, monthly usage and how much data you have left so you know when to reload). You can reload in 1GB, 5GB or 10GB increments or even buy 16 GB as you buy a 10GB, 5GB and 1GB packet of data. Any combination you can think of. Works nationwide using the Sprint Network.

The new Karma Go device is on pre-order for 13 more days at $99. If you follow this link you save $10 and get 100MB of free data on your account. Once you sign up, you can share your link and every time someone uses that link, they save $10 and get free data, and you get $10 on your account to use to buy your data. Hard to go wrong either way! Tech specs, pricing all can be found upfront on their site. No hidden fees or information.

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