Largest iPhone Hack ever!

Largest iPhone hack ever

Largest iPhone hack everTwo days ago it was announced that the largest iPhone hack ever had occurred. This hack targeted a very specific segment of iPhone users, those with “jailbroken” phones. What that means is that someone modified the operating system to gain access to parts they normally would not be able to. Common in the Android community, and becoming more common in the Apple community.

So what did this hack do, and how does it affect you? Two things have happened. One, the iTunes accounts and unique user ID (UUID) has been compromised. The hackers are then selling that information in the version of an app others can download and use to make iTunes purchases that charges your account. So far, approximately 20K downloads of that app have happened, costing people real money. The second thing and even more dubious, is that your phone is now locked from you when trying to update any apps, music, etc from iTunes. You can’t get it back by any method, other than paying a ransom via Bitcoin to the hackers. You could just go buy another iPhone and get a whole new iTunes account to. Either way, you’re paying big bucks.

Still think your Apple devices are the better choices because they don’t get hacked??

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