Linux flaw allows hackers

Linux DistributionsSo most everyone thinks only Windows systems are the target of hackers. Well quietly, hackers have been coming after your Linux based systems, and not even leaving a footprint. So you didn’t even know your system was vulnerable, or has even been hacked. The US CERT (United States Computer Emergency Response Team) has issued CVE-2014-0196 based on a report by electronics maker Ericsson that uses SUSE about a crash they had. Investigation and research into that crash lead to the discovery of a bug that allows a buffer overflow and allows remote code execution. Companies running Ubuntu, some Red Hat distros, Debian and other Linux distros are urged to upgrade their kernel as soon as possible. A Suse engineer wrote a memo to the open source community that you can read here and the Bugzilla report showing the severity and threat to be major can be found here

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