VMWARE Certified Associate Data Center Virtualization

VMWARE Certified Associate Data Center VirtualizationVMWARE just announced a new certification for those who are relatively new to the virtualization world, but still has some experience. The new line of VCA (VMWARE Certified Associate) can all be found here. What makes these unique compared to the other VMWARE certifications is that there is no mandatory training you have to pay for and attend. In fact, they have free online training for you to help pass these tests. I took the time to look over the training, but with my experience level, decided I could pass this test without study. Not trying to sound boastful, but if you’ve been in this field 14 years, and have the certifications and experience I have, you should be able to pass an entry level cert test pretty easily. I signed up at 5:15 this evening for the test and took it and passed by 5:45. For now you can get 1/2 off the test price (normally $120) so for $60 bucks using this code VMRT7A0D9F9B (thanks to Eric Sloof for the code) but it expires on Jan 31 2014!  you can earn an industry recognized certification without paying for training (unless you have no idea about VMWARE then you better spend a little time hands on or you’ll not have a clue). You have to register with VMWARE at their training site (free) to take the classes (recommended).

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