NSA Leaks, New Laws and 2014

New 2014 news, laws and tech

New 2014 news, laws and tech

So 2014 rolls in with quite a stir amongst privacy, security and  technology groups. Starting Jan 1, 2014 California’s new privacy  laws kick in where the new Internet data privacy law requires any  operator of a commercial website or online service that collects  personally identifiable information (“PII”) about California  consumers to conspicuously post its privacy policy on its  website.


We’ve all heard about NSA Leaker Eric Snowden and how he’s woken up the world with his treasure trove of stolen NSA documents that he’s leaked to the world’s media. What I bet you didn’t know, and has been somewhat of a secret of its own, is that only about 200K of the 1.7 million documents Snowden accessed and copied have been released and made public so far. That’s not even 1/8th of the stolen documents! Imagine what we’ll learn with the rest of the release, so hold on, the ride isn’t over yet. There is even some internal dissention within the NSA to grant him immunity in exchange for guarantees no more secretes are leaked. He even offered to help fix the new US government healthcare site, saying for immunity he can fix it, because he’s already hacked it and knows what the problem is!

Google enters the field of home based fiber internet services, along with many cities and other municipalities bringing fiber to the home in regions all over the US. Several cities, including Cincinnati, Ohio who was the first to bring broadband to any home in the US many years ago with it’s Zoomtown DSL service.

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