NSA – RSA – Your Security Exposed

RSA Security tokens have NSA code and backdoors

RSA Security tokens have NSA code and backdoors

As disclosed recently via Reuters, it has been exposed by NSA leaker Eric Snowden that the NSA paid RSA Security more than $10 Million dollars to use code they developed in the products that the RSA company put out to the public. Items such as your random code tokens and others have NSA backdoors in them to allow for the National Security Agency to access anything you have “secured” with their products. I wrote about open source software and ensuring the source of your software before implementing it, and this is a worst case example of what has been quietly going on for years. You can also check out this article from ZDNet explaining how the US and UK can break almost all of the encryption used on the web today. You can also read this article about RSA being hacked a couple of years ago and their own acknowledgment of possible exposure. Lastly, you can read this article from 2012 showing where RSA themselves were breached by hackers and data stolen directly from the company.

If your company uses these devices it is highly imperative that you revisit your security infrastructure to decide if the potential breach is something that you can absorb. My thought would be as these information becomes common knowledge to the general population, and the severity of the issue is truly exposed, many companies still using these devices may very well face backlash from customers, or lose them altogether.

If you aren’t worried about your company’s security infrastructure and the ability to stay secure, you should be. If an audit of these protections and policies isn’t included in your 2014 IT plan, you should consider adding it to the calendar.

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