OpenStack – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

OpenStack IaaS

OpenStack IaaSOpenStack is open source software to build public and private clouds. This free (yes free) software to build your cloud is supported by thousands of developers worldwide. There are events around the globe to introduce you to this software, Yahoo even provides meeting space in their San Francisco location to stream sessions free on the Internet to introduce you to this platform. They have an in-house security team to address any bugs and security updates, as well as a community forum to help provide you with guidance, ideas and even enhancements that others have created. One of the absolute biggest advantages of this software is that you’re able to create and provision on-demand computing resources using virtual machines. Imagine having all of your users, who are at home, on the road or scattered around the world able to log into their “work” computer and be on the same network without worrying about what machine they have at home. Imagine not spending thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars buying replacement laptops and desktops or monitors  every 2-3 years. If nothing else, imagine being able to provide an immediate emergency network in the case of a disaster such as earthquake, flood or tornado that takes out a building or datacenter.  If you are a VAR, SMB, disaster recovery consultant, or just a business who wants options just in case, it is in your best interest to click the links provided in this article and acquaint yourself with OpenStack. You can also find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks.

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