Speed Up Your PC

Slow PC and Safety

I was going tSlow PC and Safetyo write an article about speeding up your computer, but in reality there are plenty of good articles already on the web, and there was no sense in wasting the time writing a new one. Instead, what I’m going to do is give you some advice on taking care of your PC overall, then give you the link to a good article that already exists. So here goes with some advice from a Certified Ethical Hacker that knows how to steal your data. Of course, much of this information you’ve probably heard already, but have you heeded the advice?

Here we go with the best tips you’ll ever get free and it is up to you to apply this information:

Keep your Windows updates current, don’t just click “later”

Use Antivirus, AntiMalware and a good firewall on your computer to stop outsiders as best as possible (This one is very highly rated by everyone and FREE)

Learn how to read links in your email and on the web BEFORE clicking them (see this article and this one to learn these skills)

Get a browser add-on and understand how they REALLY work (check this article for education on every major browser)

Watch the websites you visit, because even the websites that are not fakes can be hacked as well. This is the toughest tip to learn, because most companies do not publicly acknowledge if their site has been compromised. You can read this article to gain some education on identifying these websites before they steal your data. One trick is to SEARCH for the website (like Google or Bing) before you visit it ,even if you know the URL you want to go to. Why do this? These search engines often can alert you to something being wrong with the site. You can also use this site to see if anything is known about the URL.

Ok, so that’s it. If you take the time to implement these steps now, and read these articles and gain the education you need, you will save yourself countless hours and dollars down the road recovering from something bad happening.

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