Phishing – Spear Phishing – Whaling

Spearphishing Campaign

Spearphishing CampaignThere are several terms that indicate an attempt by a hacker to trick you into giving your login credentials to them. The terms phishing, spearphishing and whaling are all related to the attempt to trick you via a fake email. Take a look at the image embedded into this article. The idea is to get you to click on the PDF file that is attached to the email, which most people think is legitimate, or at least safe, to click on. Once you do that, a back door is opened to your computer for a hacker to monitor all of your keystrokes or other data to further steal information from you. Phishing is when they would send an email like that to a very large group of people, just to see how many will click and how much data they can steal. Spearhphishing is just like the water sport. You are going after a specific person (such as a CEO, President, Co-Worker, etc). Whaling is a term used when you are going after a specific smaller group of people like the board members of a corporation. People who have high level access or high dollar value.  Take time to educate yourself and don’t become a phish. You can start by reading this article by Norton Security to understand the terms used. Then please take the time to visit the Anti-Phishing Working Group page, that includes games, quizzes and other pieces of awesome information to help you prevent cyber theft.

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